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March 2014

Pornography: What harm does it do?

January 2014

Does God Exist? Yes!  

Sept. 2012

Voting — Should Christians Vote?

Nov. 2010

Redistributing Wealth, is it what Jesus taught?

May 2010

Social Justice, is it what Jesus taught?


March 2010

The Passover of Jesus


January 2010

The Unknown Commandment, You Shall Not Covet



April 2009

Easter, Passover and an Early Church Leader

March 2009

Easter, Passover and the Crucifixion




Finding Christ Despite Christmas


Thanksgiving–Joy for Every Single Day


October 2007

Halloween—Hallowed to Whom?

January 2006

What will happen when I die? Is there life after death?

We have received many emails from all over the world asking about the basic message of Christianity, so here is a two page article that gives the wonderful truth of God in a direct and simple way. Whether you are just beginning to understand God's Message or need a short article to use to evangelize, this may make a tremendous difference in your life!


May 2005

Why Did God Create Satan?

April 2005

Meditation upon God's Words and Daily Prayer


March 2005

Easter and Passover


February 2005

Surrender To Christ
By John H. Currier, Pastor


January 2005

Meaning in Life after Disaster



Summer 2004

God’s Leadership Workshop

April 2004

The Passion of the Christ—a movie that moves the heart, and leaves many asking—What next?    


March 2004

I suffer not a woman to teach – Let your women keep silent    (Short Verson)




July 2003

Coming: An Army of Women!



These papers are written by Dianne D. McDonnell.

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