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• Understanding the Two Main Scriptures
• All Aspects of Head and Headship
• Women Church Leaders in the Bible
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1 CORINTHIANS 14:34-35 and 1 TIMOTHY 2:11-12


“I Suffer Not a Woman to Teach - Let Your Women Keep Silent” (4 pages)
A short answer to 1 Timothy 2:12 and 1 Corinthians 14:34.



••“Let the Women Keep Silent in the Churches - What did Paul Mean?” (9 pages)
Many believe that Paul set up a rule that all Christian women must “keep silent” during church services. Some extend this to mean that women may not offer prayers, lead songs, read scriptures aloud or have any leadership role during or after services. What did Paul really mean?
A more detailed answer to 1 Corinthians 14:34.


••“Paul and Women Teachers: Understanding 1 Timothy Chapters 1 & 2” (8 pages)
Did Paul restrict the role of Christian women in the New Testament Church? Exactly what did he write in the scriptures most used to forbid women from teaching men? This article gives an in depth English translation and a look at the time in Ephesus where it was writen.
PDF and Video



All Aspects of Head and Headship


•• “Head and Headship: Men, Women and Marriage”(5 pages)
Are all women subject to all men? Are there guidelines for marriage?


“Women in Leadership” (9 pages)
by John H. Currier, Pastor
How did Jesus view women? Did He limit their role in the early church?


“Requirements for Ministry: Can a Woman be a Minister?”
(4 pages)

What are the requirements for ministry?

  Women Church Leaders in Bible

••“Women in the Bible - Women’s Position in the Church”
by Tina Engelbart (86 pages)
A three year technical study of the Bible, especially the Greek and Hebrew texts, and more than thirty books on the subject were used in the writing of this paper. The goal was to know exactly what the Bible said women could or could not do in church and in the marriage relationship. Find out what the Bible really says about women.

Women Leaders in the Bible

••“Phoebe, Traveling Through Time”(5 pages)
Proof of a woman minister in the New Testament!


••“Junia, A Woman Apostle”(5 pages)
Research revealing historical references to a woman among the later apostles.


“Women In The New Testament Church Did What?” (5 pages)
Wait until you find out what women in the New Testament Church did.

  Women Church Leaders in Bible

“Understanding Paul and Obeying Jesus”(4 pages)
Information to help you understand Paul and obey Jesus.


“A Church Without Women” (5 pages)
There are more women in churches than there are men, yet when services start the women are not allowed to lead a prayer, teach a Bible Study and certainly not give a sermon. Most churches don't allow women to participate beyond singing hymns. Did God plan for it to be this way?


“A Church With Women”(9 pages)
Were there women ministers and leaders in the New Testament? Must one be male to be a minister according to the original Greek scriptural requirements? Documents many women leaders in the early church, and some arguments for women's full participation not covered in other papers.


••A Church With Love”(6 pages)
by Gary L. McDonnell
To every individual God has given the gift of love, the ability to give love, and the ability to know when one is being loved. Find out how you can use this gift of love to better understand God's plan for both men and women.


These papers are written by Dianne D. McDonnell, except where the author is otherwise indicated.

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