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Provided here are papers designed to help meet your needs and answer pressing questions in many aspects of your life. More information will be added as it becomes available, please visit this page often to check for new information.


Lessons on Teamwork from Wild Geese
by Dr. Robert McNeish
What do wild geese know about teamwork? See these amazing observations!


Counseling for Marriage (PDF)
by John H. Currier, Pastor
These sets of questions and answers are set up to help a couple think and discuss important issues, that they might have never had the opportunity to talk about, before they enter into the commitment of spending their life together.
Topics Include: Priorities, Communication, Who does what?, Religious Orientation, Money matters, and Sexual relationship.


Don't Worry...about Anything!
by Dolores Witham
PDF or BROCHURE (Two duplex 5.5" x 8.5" pages folded)


Defining Right and Wrong
by Dianne McDonnell
Decisions shape our lives—how do we make good ones?


Spiritual Gifts
by John H. Currier, Pastor
A description of gifts and what we are to do when given a gift from God.


Ask Yourself
by John H. Currier, Pastor


Striving to be Moral in an Immoral World:
The Rewards of a Moral Lifestyle


Why Do You Observe Saturday?
by John H. Currier, Pastor


A Review by a Participant of the Law and Grace Symposium
by Dianne McDonnell
The Association for Biblical Research (ABR), formerly The Associates for Restored Truth (ART),
2008 Law and Grace Symposium, Dallas, Texas
Led by Art Mokarow, Al Carrozzo, Tom Roberts, and Tom Carrozzo.