Sharing Freedom in Christ to those in bondage with sin or confined by gender constraints.

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Do you long to be totally free of all guilt from past mistakes, and able to soar high above them? Do you seek a closer relationship with God and wonder how His words apply to today’s issues? This section gives guidance with “the latest word”.



January 2014

“Does God Exist?” is a universal question that draws endless debate. Does it have to be complicated? This article is a true story of life or death hinging on the answer! PDF


  Womens RolerESEARCH  

Many churches tie doctrinal cords around their women which severely limit their participation, and often both men and women believe this is God’s Will for His women. Did God instead plan a Freedom in Christ that isn’t widely understood? Examine the evidence in these videos and in-depth articles based on years of Biblical research and decide for yourself!

    Women Leaders in the Bible  

Paul and Women Teachers,
Understanding 1 Tim 1:12

(48 minutes)

Women Bearing Torches,
Women Leaders in the Bible

(45 minutes)


  Meeting Your NeedsaRTICLES  

Whether you are about to marry, plagued by worry, or struggle with spiritual questions, here is something to meet your needs.





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