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Freedom Ministry is led by Dianne D. McDonnell, a pastor and ordained elder of the Church of God. She writes:

Over the years this work which started from the Church of God, Dallas-Fort Worth has transitioned into a more far-reaching ministry beyond the boundaries of denominations, or cities, or even countries. The job of spreading God’s Love, and God’s Truth, transcends the walls on any single meeting place and reaches out to wherever God is working in the hearts of men and women. God draws to Himself by His own power and Holy Spirit those He chooses, but human servants are needed in this process. We try to encourage and mentor those seeking God, and those God is selecting for service to His people, both men and women. We try to serve those people that God leads to our site in the ways we list in our Goals.

First we must have Freedom from deception, we must find Truth. If you are seeking God’s Truth—all of it—for your own life and wanting to change from being bound by your sins or bound by the limitations others have put on you based upon your gender, then we wish to help you. Scriptures about women have been misunderstood, bent and twisted out of shape, but Freedom-Ministry brings God’s shining truth about women back into clear focus.

If you are seeking Christ’s own full and joyful Way of Life free from sin and its dark consequences, and long to have a real hope for the future as promised by Jesus when he spoke of His coming Kingdom, then you have discovered a Ministry that can help you do just that! Understanding the truth of God takes you beyond human boundaries into Freedom in Christ!